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Air Conditioning Goes Out in the Van in Arizona!

So we’re here visiting our friends Terry & Virgie in Phoenix, Arizona and it’s been 100 degrees out! And the air conditioning in our van goes out yesterday. We don’t do heat so there’s no way we’re finishing this trip without air conditioning. Fortunately, Terry & Virgie know a good local mechanic who can fix … Continue reading »

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Thank You All for Your Support!

To all our blog readers – thank you! We’re now at 10,260 views of the blog. We especially want to thank again all of you who put us up for a night or longer and/or provided a meal along the way as we traveled from California to Quebec. Thank you to: Terry & Virgie Wilson, … Continue reading »

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Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? In 11 days (love that new countdown over there in the right sidebar) we’ll leave for Canada. The first overnight stop will be in Portland, Oregon – a-10 hour drive from here. Does anyone know how many times a six-year old can say ‘are we there yet?‘ … Continue reading »

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Too Busy to Post Anything Today

Today was busy getting ready for tomorrow’s workshop. It would be the first day since we started the blog that nothing got posted. I couldn’t let that happen! So today’s post is: too busy to post!

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Precocious 105-Year Old Chatterbox Prodigy Reads in the Dark

There’s been a lot of talk lately about just who Fiona really is and what she does. Thanks to all of your comments, we’ve been able to come up with this succinct description: “a precocious 105-year old chatterbox prodigy who reads in the dark.” Yet that only begins to scratch the surface of this deep … Continue reading »

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Fiona’s Newest Post on Her Blog

Fiona has been writing a blog since June 2009 – her funny thoughts. She’d like to share her newest post and requests “Comments please!” She loves comments. So while the rest of us are busy working on our blogs, why not take a few minutes to check out Foona’s Nine Hundred Funny Thoughts and her … Continue reading »

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