Golden Colorado History Museum, Clear Creek Park and Astor House

Yesterday we spent all afternoon doing a bunch of things. Our friend Dorothy had given us complimentary tickets to go to Golden Colorado and see the Golden History Museum, Astor House and Clear Creek Park. The drive out there was beautiful. We had to stop and get some pictures of the beautiful green valley. There was a light mist that was refreshing after all the heat we’ve had.

The River in Golden Colorado
The River in Golden Colorado

The Golden History Museum has a room full of old musical instruments – yes, that’s where you’ll find Joel! There was a folding organ and a melodeon and Joel can tell you more about all of that.

musical instruments

Of course on the way back we had to try Ripple Yogurt, recommended by Rita. We had several flavors and toppings. And let’s not forget, since it was on the way back, that we just had to go back to Celestial Seasonings again. Though we didn’t do the tour again (we’ve done it twice before and it was too late this day) we did try various teas and bought some cold brew, Victorian Earl Grey, Devonshire English Breakfast, Sugar Plum Spice and Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

What a Great Day!

We had a leisurely drive from Sutherland Nebraska to Longmont Colorado today. Joel and I finished reading and discussing Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work and started his book The War of Art. It inspired lots of great conversation and we learned more about ourselves and each other.

We arrived in Boulder to be able to take the tour again at Celestial Seasonings and see the factory in action as well as enjoy some tea. We then visited the Leanin’ Tree Museum again where we enjoyed some beautiful art. After that we bought ourselves some food to make a great chicken salad and ate dinner by Lake McIntosh.

And best of all I read my older daughter’s beautiful blog post about my being her mom. It’s very rewarding to know that I made such an impact on my daughter’s life.

What a great day!

Celestial Seasonings Tour and Leanin’ Tree Museum

Last Saturday we took a tour of Celestial Seasonings in Boulder Colorado. The tour is free. The factory wasn’t in production on the weekend and we’d love to go back and take the tour again when it is. We enjoyed the tea sampling before the tour. You can sample any of their 75 varieties. Joel’s favorite is Roastaroma. I especially enjoyed the Sleepytime Vanilla. And Fiona’s new favorite? Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. These aren’t varieties we usually find in stores. So we bought a couple boxes each at their discounted price in the gift shop.

We also visited the Leanin’ Tree Museum only two blocks away. The sculpture garden was a lot of fun – especially since you could actually climb on a couple of them.