Grateful for Our Children

fiona and hat
Hang on to that hat! It's windy up here!
I’ve been thinking a lot about our kids lately. We have 7 between us: Joel has 4 grown children, I have 2 grown children and we have Fiona. Their ages range (after 7 year old Fiona) from 21 to the oldest is about to turn 30 next month. We’re proud of all our children.

Since my two grown children, James and Rachelle, had lived with us for 5 years before we started traveling, I’ve been missing them more lately. They are both fine young adults and I wanted it to be a matter of public record. :)

Rachelle recently got married and was a beautiful bride.
My son James is an author of young adult fiction.

The gorgeous bride!
The gorgeous bride!
James D Ashman
James D Ashman, Author of Dangerous Rainbows

And in the last photos I saw of my four step-children they all looked happy and well. If any of them are reading this I want them to know I’m proud of their accomplishments as well.

Meet Other Traveling Families

Today we met other traveling families. I connected with these families on Twitter and found out they were in the Phoenix Arizona area at the same time as us. So we arranged to meet up at The Riparian Institute in Mesa for lunch today. Let me introduce you.

The Boyink family started traveling the same month as us, September 2010. We’re all getting ready to post our 6-month blog posts. You can read all about their family and travels at their blog. Joel especially enjoyed chatting with Mike about Mike’s book, Building an ExpressionEngine 2 Site.

Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? In 11 days (love that new countdown over there in the right sidebar) we’ll leave for Canada. The first overnight stop will be in Portland, Oregon – a-10 hour drive from here. Does anyone know how many times a six-year old can say ‘are we there yet?‘ in a 10-hour period?

So we need some suggestions for great road games to help her keep her mind occupied. Remember, she’s not your average six-year old. She’s much more likely to play these games is she knows her ‘fans’ are suggesting the ideas and watching to see how it all turns out. In fact, we’ll write a blog post about how the games go. She’ll love that. Especially if we post something about it also at her 900 Funny Thoughts blog.

Please, add your great road games ideas as comments below! Thank you!