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Dinosaur Ridge, Timberline Park and Music in Colorado

While we’re in Longmont Colorado this week we decided to have a ‘vacation’ and spend some time seeing some things. This past Friday we took Mrs. Parker’s suggestion and went to Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison. Fiona had a chance to dig for fossils – though she never actually found any. We learned about dinosaurs in … Continue reading »

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Fiona is Back in Kindergarten

Fiona is in First Grade. But yesterday she was back in Kindergarten for the day. Yes, once again, we got to visit Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class in Colorado. There are more pictures over at Fiona’s blog. The class shared their songs with Fiona. She was hesitant at first. She’s not used to having so many … Continue reading »

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Adventurous Mishaps Traveling from Arizona to New Mexico to Colorado

We left at 7:30 am Saturday to start the long drive from Arizona to Albuquerque New Mexico. We had gotten everything packed the night before and felt great about getting started. During the two weeks we’d been in Mesa house sitting, we’d never had any problems with the garage door opening and closing. But sure … Continue reading »

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Things to Do in Boulder and Longmont Colorado

We’ll be house sitting for a couple in Longmont Colorado the week of April 5-12 2011. Our host sent us this list of things to do in the area. The items with an asterisk in front are things we definitely hope to do. We’ll be going into Denver April 6 to visit Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten … Continue reading »

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Wind on the Kansas Plains, Ice in the Colorado Mountains

How does anyone know when there’s a cyclone in Kansas? The wind blew 70 MPH the whole time we were there. Also, there was snow in Kansas, and snow and ice in Colorado. For some reason I can’t get it through my head that if Denver is over 5,000 feet up, the mountains around it … Continue reading »

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Schools in Denver

Tuesday we visited schools in Denver. Fiona got to meet Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class at Yale Elementary School. The students have been following Fiona’s blog and were very excited to meet her in person. Everyone wanted to play with Fiona and sit by her. They took her outside to play on the playground for a … Continue reading »

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Through Iowa and Missouri to Kansas

We left Wisconsin Saturday morning. Instead of heading to South Dakota as originally planned, we headed south to Kansas. The weather promised to be unfriendly in South Dakota when we had planned to leave there; so a quick change of plans was in order. We traveled through Iowa and Missouri and into Kansas. Iowa had … Continue reading »

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Fiona Meets a Teacher in Denver Colorado

Fiona has been in contact with a teacher in Colorado. Dorothy is teaching a Kindergarten class this year. They are following Fiona’s blog. They recently did a music project and created a CD. They gave Fiona a copy since we had donated the CD cases for the project. She loves listening to it and listens … Continue reading »

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New Mexico to Colorado

We spent the night in New Mexico with Sonja and her children. We had a great time and hope that we can come back and stay with them again sometime. Today we drive up to Denver to meet with Dorothy who is going to show us some of Denver. Then we stay the night with … Continue reading »

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