Exercising in Ottawa: Walking and the Trampoline

Yesterday we arrive at Shawn and Debbie’s. They live just outside of Ottawa. ¬†Joel and Shawn first connected at Seth Godin’s Triiibes. After a wonderful meal and a relaxing evening visiting, we had a good night’s sleep. Today we were able to do some client work and take a nice long walk around the neighborhood.

The neighborhood and homes are beautiful. I was especially impressed with the large amount of land for each home and how they are set back from the street. Much different than being stacked on top of each other in a big city.

Fiona enjoyed jumping on the trampoline as you can see in the pictures. Since it was a beautiful sunny day we took a walk. However she wasn’t as excited about that after a bit since it was cool. Joel and I loved the cooler weather! Fiona did really enjoy playing with ello. Shawn explained that it’s created by Lego for girls.

It’s about time Joel and I get started preparing for dinner tonight. We’re going to cook fish tacos for the family. Too bad though we can’t get corn tortillas around here.