Meetup with a Virtual Assistant at Vanillas Coffee and Tea Cafe in Grand Rapids

Tuesday we drove from Jackson Michigan to Madison Wisconsin. Along the way we were going right through Grand Rapids Michigan where Pam Thompson lives. She’s a virtual assistant that has joined us on mentoring calls and just became a member of The CVO Source for virtual assistants. We couldn’t pass through her town without meeting in person. Pam suggested we meet her at Vanillas Coffee and Tea.

We arrived shortly before Pam and were greeted by the friendly staff, Lisa and Zach. Lisa had seen us pull up, saw our van packed and wondered if we were traveling. So we explained how we are traveling while working virtually. Lisa and Zach made us feel welcome, took our order and impressed Fiona with a complimentary order of mini cinnamon rolls. A bit later the owner, Beverly Ault, came in and we had a nice chat. We saw they were going to have live music Friday night. So of course Joel had to bring in his mandolin and play a couple of songs for Pam. Lisa asked if they could get a picture of Joel, the traveling musician, playing so they could post it on their website. We readily agreed and asked if we could get pictures of the staff to post at our blog.

After a great conversation with Pam, she had to leave. She didn’t leave empty handed; she also purchased a copy of The Commonsense Virtual Assistant – Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee. After we mailed off postcards and paperwork to Fiona’s teacher from the Postal Annex three doors down, the staff at Vanillas sent us off with a complimentary package of cookies for the road. Thank you to Beverly, Lisa and Zach at Vanillas! You made the ride for Fiona a lot of fun.