Visit with Phil Wrzesenski, Author of Hiring and The Potter’s Wheel

We spent Sunday and Monday nights with Phil Wrzesenski, his lovely wife Shannon and their two boys. Joel originally met Phil online at Seth Godin’s Triiibes. Earlier this year Joel designed the jacket for Phil’s book, Hiring and The Potter’s Wheel. In addition to being an author, Phil owns and runs the Toyhouse in Jackson Michigan. Shannon is from my hometown, San Diego California; so we had something in common from the start. Phil also plays guitar and harmonica. So Joel was able to play music again for the fourth night in a row.

Sharing a Drink and Discussing Triiibes Members Books

Last night we had a great evening visiting with Shawn and Debbie. Fiona had a blast playing the kid’s version of Cranium with Keiran. She’s also showing off her Miss Matched attire.

Joel got out his guitar and mandolin and played a couple of his songs and Phil Henry’s “Dear Noreen”.

Since Joel had an extra copy of fellow Triiibes member Phil Wrzesinski’s book, Hiring and The Potter’s Wheel, he gave a copy to Shawn. You can see the two of them having a ‘serious’ discussion of Phil’s book and a not-so-serious discussion over Joel’s book, The Commonsense Entrepreneur.

All of this over a glass of Flaming Sambucca!

It was a great evening! I wonder what we’ll do tonight?