House Sitters or House Guests?

Today and tomorrow our role as house sitters changes and we’ll be house guests instead. The family we’re house sitting for will be back this afternoon for an overnight stay and then leaving again tomorrow for another short vacation.

We’ve been busy this morning changing bedding, straightening up, trying to make our ‘stuff’ as invisible as possible. We’ve put as much of our stuff as possible in Fiona’s room so  the family can have their room to themselves tonight.

Dinner is already started so they can have a nice hot, home made meal tonight, a clean bed to sleep in and basically feel like they’re  home and not feel like we are  in their way.

Brodie is definitely looking forward to having his family back and is excited that they’ll be taking him with them for this shorter vacation. Fiona is going to miss him though.

Gotta go run and finish the tidying up!