Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? Have we reached our final destination? What is up with us you all wonder?

When we left California in 2010 to live a nomadic life, we had no idea how long it would last. Have we landed to put roots down, never to move again? I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter.

Life changes. Sometimes we can control the changes; most often we can’t. It’s a journey – one we are continuing to take.

Even though we have a ‘home’ now here in Rice Lake, Wisconsin – we will continue to explore new places. In fact, this coming week we’ll be spending three days in a city we’ve never visited before – Rochester, Minnesota.

I think our life is kind of like this fallen tree.

fallen tree

This evergreen in our front yard fell over in a storm a week or so ago. A tall tree that once fallen extended from the front yard to almost the back of the house. But the roots are still there – the core.

We sort of knocked our tree of life over on purpose back in 2010. But the roots – the core – are still there. They will grow again – though the tree may look different now.

So, what’s life like now here in Rice Lake?

Every day from my kitchen window I’m reminded of Ireland. What?! That’s right. The house next door has this moss growing on the roof and it reminds me of Ireland.

view from  my kitchen window

I get up every morning to here my little girl respond to my “How are you?” with “Happy!” just like she always has. Joel and I get to work together in our little office in the dining room with a view of trees, squirrels, birds and sometimes bunnies. My son, James, is with us. We have good friends and are able to do things for Joel’s mom who lives nearby.

Are we there yet? Where we’re supposed to be? For now, yes! Of course, that may change. So stay tuned…

Sandia Mountain Crest at 10,678 Feet

Last Saturday after we finished at Tinkertown we continued driving on up to the peak of the Sandia Mountain Crest – at 10,678 feet!

It was a beautiful drive up. At the crest there was a wonderful breeze. Fiona got to look through the binoculars out over Albuquerque. Unfortunately we also saw the smoke from the fire in Los Alamos. That night we could smell the smoke in the house.

What beautiful scenery surrounded us – except for the towers!

Fiona was a bit braver this day and climbed some rock.

Joel was asked by a couple if he’d use their camera to take their picture. Afterward he asked if they might be Irish. Sure enough! We had a wonderful chat with this couple visiting from mid-west Ireland. They even took our family picture before leaving.

Charlie Chaplin in Ireland

The tilted sign is on Valentia Island in Chapeltown. Ted’s bus takes us in to Caherciveen regularly. Before our month in Ireland was up, this sign had been fixed so it no longer titled.
Tilted Sign
In Waterville, just a few miles south of Caherciveen, is the Charlie Chaplin statue. You’ll also find a world-famous Arnold Palmer golf course.
Charlie Chaplin in Ireland

Killarney Ireland Trip 2005

This is one of several castle ruins we saw. I don’t remember right off where this one was.
Rachelle and I pose outside the Killarney Outlet Centre. Joel and Fiona pose too.
Rachelle and Sue in Killarney

Joel and Fiona

We really liked Killarney. It’s about 90 minutes from Valentia Island where we were staying. It’s a fairly big city (in comparison) and we spent quite a bit of time here.

Photos taken January 12, 2005.

Sunrise on Valencia Island, Ireland 2005

In 2005 we were able to spend 5 weeks on Valencia Island in Ireland. I’ll be posting periodically snippets and photos of that trip.

Sunrise Valencia Island Ireland 2005

The above photo was taken by my husband the morning of January 12th, our first of many beautiful sunrises in Ireland. This shot was taken looking out from the cottage we were staying in on Valentia Island.

A note from Joel: I’m going to start posting my old travelogues here, one photo at a time, in addition to Sue’s photos of Ireland. Stay tuned!

Renewing Fiona’s Passport

When we went to Ireland in 2005 Fiona was not quite a year old. For children under 16, passports are only good for 5 years. So hers expired last October. Now that we’re thinking of traveling the world again, even to enter Canada we need our passports. And so we’re going to start the process to renew Fiona’s today.