The Long Haul

We actually drove away from the house at 10:41 pm. Our first stop was to the local store to pick up something to drink for Fiona and Frappuccino’s for Joel to help him stay awake for the all night drive. It’s amazing that we fit so much stuff in the van and nearly every piece of musical equipment we own. We even took Fiona’s school books, though school doesn’t start till August 23. And 5 bottles of paint for Fiona’s art -painting Caitlyn’s ceiling in Canada.

It’s nearly a full moon and Fiona wants to write the moon a letter to say thank you for shining on our favorite trip ever.

At 5:40 am Thursday we were just at Redding to fill up the gas tank. We stopped at a rest stop and slept for a few hours. Later we watched the sunrise as we drove.

At one point we pulled up to a small gas station. Joel walked in to the dark shop to see if he could find someone so he could get a cup of coffee. Suddenly a man stepped out from behind the counter with his hands up saying, ‘is this a holdup?’ ou can imagine how startled Joel was! He’ll share the video we made of the story at a later date.

We tried using a WiFi spot to update all our fans earlier in the day and finally gave up in frustration after we couldn’t make it work. We finally arrived at our first destination in Washington at 8 pm and have enjoyed a nice meal with a very nice family.

More tomorrow…