Client Highlight: Creating a Photography Business

Today I thought I’d take some time to highlight one of our clients. Pam has been a close friend of ours for several years. Last summer she decided to take her love of photography and create a business. She came to Joel and I for business coaching, bought Joel’s book, The Commonsense Entrepreneur, and has made excellent progress.

We started having weekly coaching calls to help Pam define exactly what she wanted to do and how to accomplish that. We currently have a call every other week. When we decided to start our nomadic lifestyle, Pam generously provided note cards of her photographic art work for us to use as thank you cards as we traveled. People all over the country have one of Pam’s note cards that we’ve left behind to say thank you for allowing us to stay with them.

Pam also took some informal photographs at our daughter’s wedding last month. I specifically asked her to take photos of Joel, Fiona and I and here’s the favorite.

The Canfield Family

Please check out Pam’s work at her website, Get The Little Picture. I know you’ll enjoy her blog posts as well.

Sisters Spend the Day Together Before We Leave for Oregon

Fiona has an older grown sister, Rachelle. Rachelle was at Fiona’s birth and is like a second mother to her since there’s a 16-year age difference. In fact four years ago when mommy ended up in the hospital for four month, Rachelle really took over as then 2-year old Fiona’s surrogate mommy. So they are very close. They’ve shared a room since Fiona was a baby. If Rachelle isn’t home when Fiona’s ready for bed, she doesn’t want to go to bed yet.

We”re about to leave in a couple of days to head first for Oregon and no, Rachelle is not coming with us. She’s all grown up with a job and can’t just take off. This will be the first time that Fiona and Rachelle have been separated for such a long period of time since Fiona was a baby. Of course they’ll stay in touch by phone, email, Skype, and Facebook. They’ll still miss each other.

So today they are spending the day together since Rachelle has off today and will be working the next few days before we leave for Oregon. Rachelle works at a children’s photography studio and later today they are going to go in and get their pictures taken together. Last night Rachelle bought donuts and yes, they had donuts for breakfast. Rachelle took a banana along when they left for the morning so she could have something ‘nutritious’ to give Fiona. I’m not worried about it. I just want them to have a lot of fun.

On another note, we’ve finalized the plans with the family we’ll be staying with in Washington before we reach Vancouver. But we’re still looking for a place to stay July 29 & 30 in Oregon. Any ideas?