A Playground for Fiona and Morning Glory for Sue

We’re currently staying in St. Paul Minnesota in a nearly 100-year old home. Right outside the window are morning glories. I’ve loved morning glories since I was a kid and always hoped to have some of my own. Now I do for a few weeks while house sitting.

morning glories

Diagonally right across the way is a playground. So guess where Fiona will be spending her P.E. time? And it’s great that there’s a Trader Joe’s only a few blocks away!


Sunday in Michigan: The Playground and Garden

Today we had a day off from driving. We were kindly hosted by Charlie Cheney and his family in Fremont. Charlie is the creator of Indie Band Manager.

First thing we did this Sunday morning was attend the local meeting at the Kingdom Hall. We met a lot of very friendly people who wondered if we were just visiting or moving in. Fiona made friends with some little girls about her age.

I then took Fiona to the playground at the local elementary school. She was able to play with other little kids and we had a lot of fun. She did say the maze was too easy. Later Charlie took us to where he grew his garden this year and also we drove up to Echo Camp.

Enjoy our pictures!