Montreal 1st Leg: Phoenix

Day off from traveling. Yes, already.

Reviewing yesterday: actually left at 8am after 4 hours of packing and visiting with the folks we were house sitting for. Sue drove the grapevine, I drove Pasadena and all the way to Phoenix. Arrived at 11:00pm just as Terry got home from work.

We forgot to account for all the driving we’d done around Roseville before we left, so our first milage calcs said we’d gotten 13mpg. I scoffed, even though I wasn’t sure why it was wrong. Memory finally dredged up the answer. Back in the real world, calculating milage using what I like to call ‘the right way’ we got 22mpg which astonishes me, but I choose to believe that one. Van stuffed like an olive and we’re getting better gas milage than my ’61 VW used to get.

Taking the day off to swim and rest. We’ll be coming back to Phoenix to spend a month or so with Terry and Virgie sometime this winter. Terry’s written another excellent children’s book (he’s good) which he’d like me to publish. He’s also found an illustrator I might use for Ginger the Ship Captain’s Cat when I’m ready.

Early to bed tonight. Only facing a 7-hour drive to Albuquerque tomorrow, ending with our first ever couchsurfing experience.