Tinkertown: Ross Ward Did It All While You Watched TV

Last month as we were preparing to come to Albuquerque, I read the Boyink’s blog post about their time here. (We got to meet the Boyink family in Arizona back in March.) They mentioned Tinkertown so I decided we had to check it out as well. It’s close to where we’re staying and the price was right.

I had a hard time explaining to Joel what Tinkertown was so at first he wasn’t that excited about going. After looking it up though he realized he’d heard of this guy Ross Ward and yes, wanted to see his place.

It’s a fun little place to visit. Fiona enjoyed it immensely! In the little gift shop they had two travel activity books for children published by Rand McNally. One has a page for each state with an activity and the other is just fun stuff to do in the car while traveling. So on our next long drive Fiona will have plenty to keep her entertained.