Visiting Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in Saint Paul Minnesota

Saturday we had a chance to visit Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in Saint Paul Minnesota. They are open 365 days a year till 4 pm and until 6 pm April through September. The admission is free with a suggested donation of $2 per adult and $1 per child to help with costs. “You are always welcome whether or not you choose to donate.”

There’s a free shuttle from various parking lots in the area. It’s best to use the shuttle and to check their website for parking locations. We got a shuttle painted like a giraffe that Fiona loved!

There’s a carousel that’s just $1.50 to ride. Fiona decided not to ride this time. Maybe next time.

We saw primates, tigers, lions and bears. In addition to the polar bears, there were brown bears being housed temporarily. They had been in North Dakota but needed a new shelter for a bit due to the flooding in North Dakota.

The conservatory was full of beautiful plants and flowers. Fiona also enjoyed the Children’s Gallery & RibbitZit area.

It was a very relaxing and inexpensive way to spend Saturday afternoon.


The Boys Learn Pizza Making Techniques from Joel

Last night our new friend Adam had us come over so Joel could teach him and some of his friends how we make our home made pizza – from dough made from scratch to the sauce made from scratch. What a lot of fun we all had.

making pizza dough
Adam learns to make crust

Adam and his roommates thought this was a special treat. Along with nearly a dozen other friends, it was a night full of pizza making and fun company. These ‘boys’ actually range from 25 to 35 – right about our older kid’s ages who range from 22 to 30.

Adam's really getting into it now!
Adam's really getting into it now!

Matt is married with a teenage daughter. We got to meet Matt’s wife as well and had a very enjoyable chat. We certainly think they are pizza pros now! Of course we brought along our baking stone – another kitchen staple that goes with us everyone. It’s not only perfect for baking pizza on, we use it for our home made bread.

Matt enjoys the pizza making process!
Matt enjoys the pizza making process!