Fiona Makes a Snow Angel in Rice Lake

Fiona went outside in the snow today and made her first snow angel. It was cold! After seeing the ice on the lake she decided it was time to come on back in. We’ll have to get some real winter gear to come back here in the winter.

We did find my two pair of gloves. One of Joel’s is still buried somewhere or maybe left behind at Shawn’s in Ottawa? Shawn, have you seen any extra gloves laying around?

Fiona borrowed one of my scarves. She used to have one. I’m making her another one now. Grandma had some extra yarn that matches the blanket Grandma gave Fiona last time we were here. So I’m using some of it to crochet Fiona a large scarf to wear in this cold weather.

Looks like we’ll head to South Dakota after all; but only for one night. Now we need a place to stay Sunday night in an area where we aren’t afraid of being snowed in. Anyone in Lincoln Nebraska?

P.S. Fiona is excited that she’s going to be the flower girl in her sister’s wedding. Rachelle just got engaged last night! Congrats!