Sue’s Thoughts of the Great Big Scheme

Where do I start? So much has happened in the last two weeks. We’ve had wonderful supporters and of course those who have their concerns. We’ve tried to address any concerns and realize that there will always be those who don’t fully support our ideas. That’s okay. I wanted to to step back and start from the beginning and share my perspective of how this all started, where we’re at and where we hope to go.

There’s no one factor in our making any of these decisions. There are several: happiness, spirituality, family, work, friends and more. Each of these factors need to be considered as we move forward.

We’ve had virtual businesses for several years and many of our clients are elsewhere in the country or in other parts of the world. Lately we’ve been looking for ways to grow our business so we can continue to meet our financial obligations. As the economy has worsened, our businesses have taken a hit as well. So we decided we needed to look at ways to cut expenses. We’ve already cut back to a very simple life. Our biggest expenses are housing and transportation. If we could cut back, or even out, those expenses, we could continue to meet our financial obligations.

Since we already have clients all over the world, it only made sense to see if we could use those connections to reach out and grow our business by going to where the work is – all over the world. We want to simplify and make a living while some of our clients cannot afford ongoing coaching. However, some are willing to trade room and board in exchange for our coaching services. It’s a win/win situation.

At the same time we get to have a lot of fun doing what we love and make a living, we also have to consider other factors. One of the most important factors is our daughter. We need to make sure she’s safe, continues receiving an education, and maintains friendships. Researching what others have done while traveling with children has been a big help. Check out these blogs by Maya Frost and SoulTravelers3 for more information about traveling with children.

Fiona is still young. What a great chance she’ll have to be educated in other cultures, broaden her horizon, meet new people and make friends all over the world. In a few years maybe we’ll still reach our dream of living in Ireland. Maybe we’ll end up right back where we’re at. Maybe none of this will happen. We may come back from Canada in August and realize this won’t work for us. Nothing is set in stone.

We’ll continue to take one day at a time and make choices each day that keep our priorities straight and benefit our family. And yes, we want to hear from you!