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A Playground for Fiona and Morning Glory for Sue

We’re currently staying in St. Paul Minnesota in a nearly 100-year old home. Right outside the window are morning glories. I’ve loved morning glories since I was a kid and always hoped to have some of my own. Now I do for a few weeks while house sitting. Diagonally right across the way is a … Continue reading »

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Corner of My Eye (FAWM 2011 #13)

The past two FAWMs I’ve tried my hand at some jazz guitar. This year it almost didn’t happen. I didn’t plan it, at least, but my unconscious decided otherwise. During most of the 14,000 miles we’ve traveled in the past six months, I’ve driven, with Sue in the passenger seat, just visible out of the … Continue reading »

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Just Another Day (FAWM 2011 #11)

Sue wrote this about her father, and I desperately wanted to put it to music. I’d like to nudge a few of the words a bit to make it easier to sing. I was amazed at the chord progression that presented itself as I read the words. I’ve asked around, and the musicologists at FAWM … Continue reading »

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Happy 7th Anniversary!

I’m looking forward to doing something special for our 7.5 on June 26th.

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The Stars and the Sails

Nothing to see here, folks; move along . . . I may be a navigator, able to steer a course and bring our ship to port. You are the sun which shows me where to go; the stars that tell me why I must; the sails that move me; a place warm and soft and … Continue reading »

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Tahoe Interlude

When we first moved to northern California in 2003 we spent a lot of time adventuring. This was our first tip to Lake Tahoe. I was not as eloquent or verbose in this travelogue. Perhaps I had other things on my mind. Sue and I drove to Lake Tahoe. It was fun.

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Living the Dream

Wow! Yes, I’m actually considering living a nomadic lifestyle. When I was young this thought terrified me. I wanted a home base and stability. When I got a bit older there were many years when I just wanted to get in the car and drive away and see where I landed. And now I’m feeling … Continue reading »

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