Thank You All for Your Support!

To all our blog readers – thank you! We’re now at 10,260 views of the blog.

We especially want to thank again all of you who put us up for a night or longer and/or provided a meal along the way as we traveled from California to Quebec.

Thank you to:

Terry & Virgie Wilson, Phoenix AZ
Sonja & kids, New Mexico
Jason Batt & Family, Denver CO
Dorothy Shapland Parker, Denver CO for a great Moroccan dinner
Denver & Diane Canfield, Rapid City SD (Joel’s Uncle & his wife)
Mimi Klosterman & Family, Arlington SD
Darlene Canfield Arnes, Rice Lake WI (Joel’s mom)
Charley Cheney & Family, Fremont MI
Debs Linden, Toronto Canada
Shawn McCormick & Family, Ottawa Canada
Cristina Favreau & Family, Quebec Canada

We look forward to visiting with each of you more on our return trip in November.