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I Want to Live at the Edge of a Lake

After an event we drove around Lac Davignon. The causeway across the lake, the trees along the shore, the houses reflecting in the rippled surface . . . it’s a memory I wanted to keep. We weren’t talking about anything of consequence so I dropped in three of my songs which almost fit within the … Continue reading »

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Federal Illinois Food

Fiona gets a little impromptu home schooling. Of course, 90% of her schooling is impromptu. It’s not hard teaching an insatiably curious child who reads at college level and loves to talk. Okay, sometimes it’s hard, like trying to define words in a way she’ll take away and care about. Thank you, Charles Handy, for … Continue reading »

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Leaving Michigan. Entering Canada.

Two short videos shot Monday, October 11th: leaving Charlie Cheney’s place in Fremont, Michigan, and crossing the huge bridge over the St. Clair River from Port Huron, Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

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Sue’s Official Retort to All This Nonsense

So we can open up the medicine cabinet? How else would we find the toilet paper? Warfarin? I took that some years ago…wonder if I have any left… Haven’t seen our neighbor in a while since we…no, I wasn’t going to say anything about that. Water the crops…have you seen the brown grass in the … Continue reading »

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Fiona and the Carwash

Time to start getting things ready. Hope we don’t forget anything! What’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten behind on a trip?

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Video Update #1

Joel and Sue and Fiona talk about going nomad and their working trip to Canada and what might come beyond Continue reading »

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