Through Iowa and Missouri to Kansas

We left Wisconsin Saturday morning. Instead of heading to South Dakota as originally planned, we headed south to Kansas. The weather promised to be unfriendly in South Dakota when we had planned to leave there; so a quick change of plans was in order.

We traveled through Iowa and Missouri and into Kansas. Iowa had a very cool Welcome Center with free internet access! In Kansas we stayed with a fellow member of Triiibes. Fiona made a new friend at our Sunday Bible meeting with Olivia, another six-year old. The funny thing is that Olivia’s mom is the sister of a friend of my older daughter’s. Olivia’s family will be moving back to Sacramento California in March. So we traded contact information and Fiona will probably see Olivia again in California.

Monday was a very long drive from Kansas to Denver. However, we did miss the worst of the weather. Enjoy our pics!

Our Guest Post at

Recently we received this email:

Dear Joel and Sue,

My name is Nicole Willson and I’m a Community Specialist over at, a community site where RVers from all walks of life can review their experiences at the now 18,000 parks that are listed with us in the U.S for free. We also list detailed information on the parks: power, showers, WiFi, etc. that we think will be useful to our readers. Our goal is to make it easier for RVers to find trustworthy & current information about the parks that they wish to visit.

I recently came across your blog and I really enjoyed reading it. I pick guest bloggers for the blog. I am starting a series on getting online from the road, based on the fact that one of our most popular guest blog posts is about Going Online Without Blowing Your Budget. We have also featured a very post about the pros and cons of using a HughesNet satellite dish. Tomorrow, we are featuring a similar post about Verizon Mifi. Tonya Prater of Live the Adverture, another blog featured on Families on the Road, has recently guest blogged for us as well. Would you be willing to write a guest blog post about finding places with WiFi while on the road?

I would love it if you could write a guest blog post on the blog: It would be great if I could have the post by the end of the month. I’d also appreciate it if you could supply your own biography. This ensures that you will be represented the way you want to be.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Of course we were happy to oblige. You can read our guest post, The Best Tool for Finding Free Wi-Fi On the Road: Resourcefulnesshere.