House Concerts Along the Way

Could I possibly end up performing in St. Helens, Oregon, Everett, Washington, and Vancouver? (Edit: St. Helens is out, this trip.)

House concerts beat coffee shops hands down. Coffee shops are really a place to go practice, knowing that absolutely no one is listening.

But show up to someone’s living room, where they’ve invited all their friends, and everyone brings something to drink and a snack, and you’re the guest host of a very cool party. When the hat is passed, literally or metaphorically, even a few drachmas from each guest turns into more than I’ve earned in every coffee shop I’ve ever played in.

There’s more than you really want to know about my house concerts at my tunehenge site.


  1. Well, it’s already in the plan, just not on the itinerary.

    Did you know that apparently the shortest route from Vancouver to Ottawa is through the US? Where’s the fun in that?

    Is there room at the inn, so to speak? How late is your weather good? ;)

  2. You mentioned Everett, WA. Is that concrete, or a hope? I do have a house here. And we did fill it with 50 people for a piano recital. But I’d have to really do some negotiating to put on a house concert. Sounds fun though.

  3. I R A doofus.

    Rex Rex Rex. I totally forgot you were up there. Emailing you offline to whine wheedle beg and cajole you into a) joining me at Brad and Kristy’s for my gig on the way up and then 2) having a little ‘do’ of your own on our return trip in late August.

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