Renewing Fiona’s Passport

When we went to Ireland in 2005 Fiona was not quite a year old. For children under 16, passports are only good for 5 years. So hers expired last October. Now that we’re thinking of traveling the world again, even to enter Canada we need our passports. And so we’re going to start the process to renew Fiona’s today.


  1. That’s right. We’re not selling her. I think she may be worth more to us if we keep her. Her cuteness may just attract people to us. And she’s free labor! She can pass out handouts during our in-person events as we travel.

  2. We have laws about this sort of thing in Canada. The child labour and basic exploitation sort of thing. We may have to apprehend her (if she really is that cute and useful!) heehee

  3. Ah, I remember the good ol’ days in Texas, where the only law is gravity.

    A couple nights ago, Mommy asked Fiona what bedtime book she wanted, and she said “Could we do some homework?”

    She graduated from kindergarten a few weeks ago, and she misses doing math and spelling.

    You do see what we’re up against here, don’t you? It isn’t us enslaving her by any stretch.

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