Canfield of Dreams: The Name is Official

By noon today we’d had more visits to this site than we’ve ever had in a full day on any of our websites. Strikes a chord, does it?

We thought we’d go ahead and make the name official, so going forward, you can visit for all the madness.


  1. Too perfect. Does this mean madness drives traffic? I can do madness. I think. Maybe. If it doesn’t involve a nomadic life (at this point.) Or syphilis. I hate madness from syphilis.

    Much prefer the madness resulting from hat-making. (Mad as a hatter.) Not sure taking the risk to make a hat and blog about it – even with live video streaming – is quite in your league.

    Maybe, afterall, I will remain comfortable and do vicarious madness through Canfield of Dreams.

  2. Since we’re up to two and a half times our previous high number of visitors, this is apparently the ticket.

    I need a really good fur felt hat, a pork pie if I can find one. My snowy river doesn’t fit like it used to. My head is fatter than it used to be, and I’m not sure how that’s possible.

  3. Bacon hat makes a nice bowl for the scrambled eggs and jalapeños.

    So, Tommy lad, if we make a trip south, can we defile your Airstream for one night before heading for the infinite wilderness of Los Angeles?

  4. A blessing be upon you and yours, sir.

    There was a particularly bunny-filled spot behind your desk that really bothered me last time we stayed. Attend to it, won’t you?

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