Download Update (Or, Why I Hate Bots)

We quickly reached 99 downloads of Camel’s Lash/Not Just Believe. Except, not really.

Turns out 49 of them went to the same IP address in Mauritius. (If I’m hoping to travel the world, I should find out where that is. Ah; there we go, just off the coast of Madagascar, which is just off the coast of Africa, but then, you knew that already. Population: 1.2 million. I guess now most of them have my song.)

I reset the counter to the 50 real downloads, and we’ll see where it goes. Somewhat deflating to realise that half my new fans are all personalities in the same head, apparently.

And now I’m concerned that maybe the tool only goes to two digits.


  1. Joel, you may have only half the fans you thought, but we are twice as dedicated, so it all works out
    ;-) B

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