Oak Creek and Environs Travelogue

This isn’t our first experience with travel, and the documenting thereof. This is the first entry from one of many trips I took to Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona, this one in November of 2002. I’ll be reproducing the text as it was originally written.

I’d been threatening to return to Oak Creek Canyon, Jerome, and Prescott on my next trip to Phoenix, and I made it. What follows is a lightening summary even shorter than my real trip. I need to plan a full week to do this properly; time for a slow leisurely walk around Montezuma’s Castle and the nearby fort and other sights; time to walk uptown Sedona; time to spend the night in an Oak Creek cabin and walk the northeast arm of the valley; time to spend a day and a night in Jerome, perhaps during an artist’s opening; time to actually see Prescott — so far, I’ve never seen anything but the inside of the Brewing Company.

But, for now this brief glimpse will have to suffice. Maybe next time we could make it a group thing?

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