1. Hey guys- I’m so glad that you did this! First ever Car Wash Video, of that I’m sure. Talk about a Purple Cow!

    I can see a series of these, with the lighting technology steadily improving, (though your management of the sound on this first one was magnificent!), to the point where, when you finally decide to cancel further production, you get the same response that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle received when he killed off Sherlock Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls, only to be almost forced by public reaction to explain his way out and re-start the series. Seems that an otherwise quite proper Victorian dame started off her letter of protest to him thusly:

    “You Brute…”

    Don’t risk such insults from your public! Keep making these!


  2. Car washes of the world by the car-less travellers. Hmm.

    Worst thing left behind? It wasn’t a big trip. It was a school trip of approximately 20 minutes by Skytrain (light rapid transit on a track above the road) to the Science Centre. No, I wasn’t a young scientist looking forward to the trip – I was one of 3 teachers with about 15 teenagers.

    The group of us got to the Skytrain station where I started plugging money into the ticket dispenser. Each ticket that came out I gave to a kid. The other 2 teachers bought their own and ascended the stairs to the platform, not trusting the students to behave themselves without supervision.

    At first, this wasn’t great because they were hanging out by the ticket dispenser largely without supervision since I was focussed on getting the tickets into their hands as quickly as possible. Within a few minutes the balance had tipped and soon the last kid had a ticket and was bounding up the stairs. Just one more ticket for me and ….

    I could hear the Skytrain arrive. They come every 2 or 3 minutes so we’d already missed one. Oh well, I guessed we’d get the next one, and up I went to the platform to find …. no one!

    The worst thing ever left behind was me! So Fiona, when it’s time to go, don’t leave the driveway until you’ve counted all the parents and made sure you’ve got all of them.

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