Dave’s Kitchen

Another segment of my Oak Creek travelogue, originally posted back in 2002

I spend a weekend every other month or so at Dave’s house in the mountains just east of San Diego. Seven years ago he bought a few acres in a little valley and now he and his wife Destiny raise goats and llamas.

Since Dave lives just over an hour east of here (‘here’ being the ocean, which I can hear from my bedroom window) I make it a habit to stop in on my way to Arizona, besides my usual visits. From Dave’s, it’s only a 4–hour drive to Dan’s house in Sun City.

I know the flash didn’t work, but since I spend a huge amount of time in this kitchen, standing at the bar grazing while someone cooks, I thought it should be preserved for posterity.

And during those rare hours when I get some sleep at Dave’s, I have a guest room all to myself.

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