The Lull

And then there’s this spot where the plans are laid, the excitement is all worn off, and then, you wait.

Fiona’s passport? On the way.

Vancouver trip? Planned, ready, nothing to report, nothing to do.

Vancouver workshop? Ready to promote, but no action yet.

San Diego trip? Um, yeah, there’ll probably be a San Diego trip, but nothing to report yet.

Queries out to Montreal, Ottawa, Michigan, Philadelphia, New York, and others.

Van needs rear tires and brakes, as soon as the Big Web Project comes in.

Network shut-down Phase I is done. Phase II can’t commence until bookkeeping is migrated after the first of the month.

And so, I spent the day puttering; a nice international conference call with my marvelous web guy Paul and our potential clients, the Sara(h)s, and that’s all moving forward; then not having a ‘how to get your book written’ call because none of the 10 registrants called in for some reason.

Just another day, with the dream on hold while life trudges on.


  1. Lull? Becoming a nomad is easier than leaving home for 2 weeks?

    Oh, yeah, I’ve been working 9+ hour days for most of a month (okay, every day except one for a month.) That might explain why I still feel like we have decisions to make, car rentals to book, a budget to clarify (can you say Broadway show?) and a wardrobe to plan.

    I think I need to write a planning to travel post. See you there….

  2. Well, you’re stepping out of your life, we’re just having ours in a different location temporarily.

    We don’t have to worry about an entertainment budget; we’re planning the same budget we always have. No car to rent, ’cause we’re taking ours. No restaurant reviews, stuff like that, because frankly, we’re just gonna drive up, off load, and see what comes to us.

    Yeah, going nomad is easier than most of the stuff we’ve tried to do.

    Maybe if you weren’t planning on coming back from your vacation, it’d be easier. (Probably not :)

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