24-Hour Driving Madness

Yes, we are the type of people who decide on a whim to hop into the van and take a drive – for the next 24 hours!

In early May 2007 just after we bought our 2005 Kia Sedona van, we decided to drive up into Oregon – just so I could say I’d been there since I’d never been into Oregon. We were just going to drive up and back home in the same day. Leave early that morning and get home in time to be in bed that night. No problem from our home in Northern California – right?

We piled into the van early Saturday morning and headed north. As we neared Mt. Shasta, we decided we had to go see the snow still on the ground. At 3, this would be the first time Fiona remembered seeing snow. Of course, since we hadn’t planned on being in snow, none of us had the right shoes or warm jackets. But play in the snow we must – and did!Fiona in snow at Mt. Shasta

Originally we had thought we’d just drive into Klamath Falls and back home. Instead we decided we’d like to drive back down along California’s coast. So we just popped through Oregon at Grant’s Pass so we could drive down into Crescent City, California and back home.

Now I can say I’ve been to Oregon! Not that I really saw much of it. I look forward to actually spending some time in Oregon during our trip at the end of this month as we head to Canada.

Jedidiah Smith RedwoodsAs we left Oregon and re-entered California, we drove through the Jedidiah Smith redwoods. Amazing! We finally made it to Crescent City and the beach late in the day. Again, we hadn’t planned on being at the beach that day just as we hadn’t planned on being in snow earlier that same day. But here was the beach and ocean and yes – we had to play. So in just one day Fiona got to see both snow and play at the ocean!Fiona with Daddy at the beach in Crescent City

Then we headed back home. By the time we finished eating dinner at a restaurant, it was dark and the fun and excitement of the drive was over. It was just the long haul home now – which took longer than expected. We ended up pulling off the road a couple of times for short naps so we could continue the drive home. We finally made it – early the next morning – 24 hours after we left!

Next time someone wants to take a drive for the day, let’s remember to take our pillows and blankets, snow gear and beach towels!


  1. pillows and blankets, snow gear and beach towels

    What a wild packing list. You left out mandolin and guitar, two dozen books for Fiona, and 23 spare shirts for me . . .

    I am absolutely burning to get on the road. Half tempted to find a couple places to go between here and Portland just so we can leave a few days earlier.

  2. I seem to be listening to Bob Dylan (isn’t that a Canfield “must do”?) and reading about the Kia Sedona we almost bought until I spied the Volvo V70 on the Kia lot and took it for a drive “just for fun”.

    I admit I took advantage of the young salesman who was new to his position and didn’t truly understand what was involved when I said we’ll “just” see how it does on a hill by driving up to Simon Fraser University. Sigh. It was grand. And, has been grand for the 10 months ever since.

    I also notice that snow and sand don’t seem to go together naturally … unless you are in Whistler, BC, where people regularly ski the glacier in the summer and wind up the day with a little wind surfing in the ocean. There are a number of variations on this theme that include mountain biking, scuba diving, boating, zip-lining through the forest canopy, riding the gondola, hiking through the snow, and listening to music in the village square.

    In one of my madder driving adventures we had to be home in 36 hours – all of which were spent in motion. With 2 drivers, we discovered the best way to be alert was to switch every hour! Sure, you were never fully rested (we were still at an age when we thought we could rest when we were dead) but as soon as you got in the passenger seat you slept and, for the driver, anyone can get through the first hour of anything.

    Sounds like a great 24 hours.

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