Fiona Sorts for Quarters

Fiona sorting papersWe went to a client’s house yesterday, who is also a friend, and while Joel and I were working with the client in her office, Fiona got a special project to work on. To keep her occupied she agreed to do some sorting for our client. She needed all the papers from envelopes removed and then two piles created – one for the envelopes and one for the papers. She eventually was going to shred all the papers.

Fiona was very excited about this project and even got to use a small envelope opener. By the time she was done she had a HUGE pile! Originally we had negotiated that the project would net her 4 quarters. But after working for about an hour we renegotiated an additional 5 quarters. In the end she ended up with 12 quarters because she did such a great job.

So if anyone needs paperwork sorted for quarters where we travel, we’ve got someone willing!


  1. What!?!? Making a child work, trusting her with sharp objects? Shouldn’t she be laying on the floor in front of a television eating chips and drinking soda?

    Huh; looks like I’m in a mood today.

    Fiona has never been, nor will ever be, a normal child. Hallelujah.

  2. I’m thinking this extraordinary child should be learning about dog training.

    I used to teach children to train their dogs … using your majesty voice being a skill I suspect Fiona has already mastered, she’ll be a natural.

    There are many excellent books in the library to get kids started. I see there are only 9 days to departure which means she will have to become an expert fairly quickly, but Brodie will be happy to help her figure out if the books really did know what they were talking about.

    I have already taken my Library card out of my purse and put it in the pile of Canfield paraphernalia. If y’all promise to return on time, the Library is about 6 blocks from “home”.

    Maybe, I will even post some hints on her website … but first, I will feed the dog, and then have my dinner.

  3. Oh, Fiona would love to be able to check out books while we’re there. She also suggest that if you have any sorting of papers you’d like done while you’re away, just leave the quarters in a jar by the papers to be sorted. :)

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