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We Couldn't Wait!

Posted by on 28 July 2010

It's almost 10:30 pm Wednesday night and none of us can wait! The van's packed, Fiona's in a hurry to get to Canada, and we'll be leaving in a few minutes. Tomorrow we'll arrive in Washington and stay 4 days there. Then - to Canada!

4 Responses to We Couldn't Wait!

  1. caitlyn

    Crazy! Did Fiona count her parents to make sure she had them all?

    Guess I better get the policy manual finished. If I were any kind of organized I would create a video series .... don't see it happening, in spite of my insomnia and, therefore, extra available hours.

  2. Felix Olschewski

    As a kid I always loved driving by night and still do. Feels like a great adventure every time. Have a great adventure!!

  3. Tom Bentley

    Joel, only let Fiona drive at night (and put the fake beard on her) so she won't be cited. Hope you guys have a great adventure! I'll be checking in here to see if you've found the place on the road that serves legendary chili dogs.

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