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Open Letter to the Department of Transportation, State of Washington

Posted by on 1 August 2010

(Please place tongue firmly in cheek before reading.)

Dear Person Who Cares,

It has come to my attention that travelers attempting to use Interstate 5 to get from, say, the coastal area near Hoquiam to get to, oh, I don't know, the community of Arlington, north of Everett, by way of Tacoma, are being re-routed to Silverdale, just north of Bremerton (which, incidentally, is nowhere hear Arlington. Okay, it's near, there just happens to be a gap in the highway which the locals refer to as 'Puget Sound'.)

This may come as a surprise to you, but many of the people traveling north on I-5 are doing so intentionally. When they are, without warning or notice, shunted onto Washington State Highway 16, which, though it does turn into the equally lovely Highway 3, still provides little in the way of satisfaction to the Arlington-bound traveler, it is both confusing and wasteful, both as regards to time and natural resources.

Your local Silverdale representative (a young woman named Rachele, disguised as a clerk in a Chevron mini-market) explained that the signage in Tacoma is known to be defective. This was confirmed by our hosts when we finally arrived in Arlington over 5 hours into our 3 hour trip.

I would like to recommend that, beautiful as the Bremerton area is (whether you are heading north, in blissful ignorance, or south, in silent frustration) that perhaps it is not the optimal destination for those who weren't planning to go there.

So, could you put a sign on the I-5/Highway 16 offramp fer cryin' out loud?

Thank you so very much for your prompt attention to this matter.

Joel D "It's nothing personal, Bremerton" Canfield

3 Responses to Open Letter to the Department of Transportation, State of Washington

  1. Kelly

    Oooh... that sounds like quite a detour.

  2. Cristina Favreau

    That's nothin'. Wait 'til you drive on Quebec roads...! You need to detour for potholes and have fun playing "Where did the rest of the detour signs go?" game!

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