Laptop Problem Solved, Methinks

I’ve whined about my laptop. Yesterday at Brad and Krisy’s, I lost the wireless connection in the antique wireless card. Got to Caitlyn’s today, and it still refuses to connect. Since I’ve made my living as a network technician in the past, I’m confident it ain’t my fault. I think the wireless card or other internal watchamajiggy is dead, like the two batteries.

I’m typing this on an iBook G4, which though it’s nearly 5 years old is more powerful than any computer I own. Yes, the powerful Dell Precision Workstation I use for my audio and video editing, PhotoShopping and all that, is a tad puny compared to this little beast.

As of a few hours ago, it’s mine, a gift from someone who until today, literally could not give it away.

It’s not the newest Mac, not state-of-the-art, but did I mention, it’s now the most powerful computer I own (and including this one, we own eight, including two servers.)

Every once in a while, it feels like all I have to do is look skyward, ask, and receive.

I am, I assure you, deeply grateful. And a little freaked out at the syncronicity of it all.


  1. Welcome to he land of Mac, Mr. Canfield.

    I assure you, you’ll barely miss the world of Redmond at all. And in 6 months you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.

    Careful though – Sue will want one next ;)

  2. Since this is pre-Intel processors, I think Sue may end up with this one for her minimal needs (along with a wireless keyboard and mouse and a nice monitor) and I’ll go for an iMac with all the RAM and bam.

    Have to sort out Age of Empires, though.

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