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Musical Fulfillment

Posted by on 16 August 2010

A small but appreciative group gathered to sit on the hard wooden benches as I started playing at the bandshell in Queen's Park tonight.

No sensible person would spend an hour loading gear, driving, unloading gear, setting it all up, and half an hour afterwards tearing it down and loading it up again, just to play for an hour.

I'm so glad I don't have to be sensible.

Seeing people stop as they walked by, find a bench, and stay for the duration; seeing the woman who'd been in Sacramento as a child put her hand to her chest and tell me how much my songs touched her; having a family respond to my 'thank you' with, "no, thank you"—that's why I do this.

Art must be; I cannot help but give it.

What intense joy when there's someone there to receive it.

Special thanks to Sloane Elphinstone (isn't that just the coolest name ever?) for going above and beyond the call of duty to help this concert happen. I officially love the city of New Westminster, and Sloane is one reason.

Fiona 'performing':
Fiona Performs

3 Responses to Musical Fulfillment

  1. Tom Bentley

    Hey Joel, sounds like fun (and maybe a sore back too). I presume you were playing electric guitar? Or other instruments too. Did Fiona play triangle? Keep strummin'...

  2. Joel D Canfield

    I played electric on a few, mandolin on 3, and acoustic guitar on the rest (and harmonica on 3, including playing it with the mandolin which I've never done before.)

    Fiona played egg shakers and sang "Helloooooo" from behind the stage where folks couldn't see her. Fortunately, she chose the quietest tune to perform with me, so everyone could hear her loud and clear.

    I so want to get my keyboard skills to the point that I can play a few of my tunes on that. I've written some keyboard songs and they just don't translate well to other instruments.

    It's that practice stuff rearing its ugly head again.

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