Fiona Slays the Dragon (fruit)

We came across a strange-looking fruit here in British Columbia called the dragon fruit. Our friend Shannon told us it was a mild fruit somewhat like a Kiwi with a hint of coconut. We decided to buy one and try it out. It is quite mild and would be great in a fruit salad.

Oh, Joel’s baby dill pickle is not a dragon fruit – but I had to show how happy he was to get some.

If you’d like to learn more about the dragon fruit, there’s lots of information at


  1. Nice discovery Joel:)

    I think, every part of the world has something different to give. One might wonder “Where I’ve been living?”

    All the best, keep discovering and sharing:)

  2. One birthday celebration we had a “strange fruits” course. This included our first episode of dragon fruit. Ian’s last birthday had a cake of low fat, un-iced chocolate with strawberries and dragon fruit all over it. Looked spectacular.

    Sometimes, I take it for my fruit for lunch and try to share it with the students. Some of them are afraid of the dragon(fruit) and won’t try.

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