Another Guest Post: Dorothy Shapland Shares a Poem of Invitation

Dorothy sent this in an email, and when I asked, was gracious enough to allow us to share it here.

Come on over and join us anytime you like.
If you need to take off we can lend you a bike.
You can walk to the train and go for a ride,
It’s in our backyard, and we’re on the wrong side.
It’s always a mess, but it’s a fun place to be.
There are dishes in the sink, but the food is always free.
Collections of books, and stuff, and things,
Litter every surface. That’s where the dust clings.
Just ignore the papers and the laundry piled up.
Expect to deal with dander from one of the pups.
You can find a clear path almost any time of day.
You’ll pass people on laptops somewhere along the way.

We’ll help you escape from all you “should” do.
It’s easy for us, cause we do it too.
We don’t deal in guilt cause we do what we please.
And the door is never locked cause we all lose keys.

If you want to come play, you are welcome here.
There is only one rule, no drugs, booze or fear.


  1. Hah – I just read this now. Ditto to what Dorothy said (except if you are a burglar, in which case, the doors are always locked)…and there might be some beer and wine found within the premises (only if you are above the legal drinking age though). :-)

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