Montreal Itinerary

Looks like it’s going to take 2 full weeks, 14 days, to make Montreal. Guess I’m not the road warrior I thought I was, but I just can’t imagine pushing that hard for that long. Also, I guess I can’t just drop in on my Mom, who I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years, for a single night. (We’ll be back later to spend a couple weeks with her.)

I’ll be reconnecting with an uncle and aunt I haven’t seen in nearly 30 years, staying with a musical buddy who’s slept on my couch, staying with a friend who just moved from here a few weeks ago, and meeting a couple folks who’ve become incredibly close online but whom I’ve not yet hugged in real life.

Update 1:Thanks to Jerry Kennedy‘s reminder nudge, we checked out and found a place in Albuquerque.

Update 2:I didn’t check with enough people in Toronto, so one of them checked with me. H’ray for Debs, my musical friend in Toronto!

Thursday 30 Sep Home Phoenix Terry
Friday 1 Oct Phoenix Phoenix
Saturday 2 Oct Phoenix Albuquerque Sonja
Sunday 3 Oct Albuquerque Denver Jason
Monday 4 Oct Denver Rapid City Denny
Tuesday 5 Oct Rapid City Arlington Mimi
Wednesday 6 Oct Arlington Rice Lake Mom
Thursday 7 Oct Rice Lake Rice Lake
Friday 8 Oct Rice Lake Rice Lake
Saturday 9 Oct Rice Lake Fremont Charlie
Sunday 10 Oct Fremont Fremont
Monday 11 Oct Fremont Toronto Debs
Tuesday 12 Oct Toronto Ottawa Shawn
Wednesday 13 Oct Ottawa Granby Cristina


  1. Yo Canfield Crew,

    Why not earn along the way by creating blogs for people you meet on your journey? This way you are giving good work and being paid along your nomadic path!

    Joel you are especially good at blogging, so what say you?

    With love and blessings to you all. Bron

  2. We did two while in Vancouver :) It’s definitely on the agenda; speaking to another prospect on Monday, and might be doing his site as we travel.

    Feel free to tell all your friends who need blogs!

  3. Hiya Joel,
    Are you restricting your normad journey just to the US and Canada or will you be hopping round the world ? Lisa

  4. Howdy, Lisa!

    For the first couple years, we’re going to try to visit the 49 States on this continent, and the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada. Then, we’ll either hop over to Europe, Asia, and Africa, or head down to Australia and New Zealand.

    Of course, friendly folks who offer a spare bedroom could have quite an impact on our plans ;) One important goal of our traveling is to meet, in person, the wonderful friends we’ve made online, and that means traveling the entire globe.

  5. I emailed you too, Joel, but I’m posting here because I’m not sure what you’ll check first.
    I moved into my own apartment in Toronto a few weeks ago and although things aren’t perfectly homely and decorated yet I would like to humbly offer you couch space if you haven’t already made plans. Get in touch!

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