Growing Up and Moving Out

We’ve spent the last three days packing, moving, selling stuff. My two grown children, James and Rachelle, moved into their first apartment. It’s a big step for me to let my children grow up and move out! Though I think I’ve been handling it well and am very proud of them, it’s very emotional also. Sure I’m the one that is going away to travel, leaving them behind. And I know this is going to be a very good thing all around. I’m still allowed to get a bit emotional and cry some.

Especially after James sends an email like this, “Just short and sweet. It’s been exactly 5 years since I moved down. It’s been great. It was definitely for the best, all things considered and done, even the trying and impossibly difficult. Here they could be fought and overcome. Thank you both for the letters I still keep that made me decide to move here to begin with. Enjoy your travels.”

Rachelle is handling it all quite well. She said after their first night away, “I woke up and was a little confused, where am I??, but it only last a second.  It still feels a little weird though! I keep thinking about ‘when I go home’ and then realize I am home!”

I’ll miss seeing them every day. But I know we’ll stay in close touch. I’m proud of you both and wish you both the very best life has to offer!


  1. I remember that day with my son, Scott, although it is now faded, he is 35 nearly 36. I can still recall the angst and the slight empty nest feeling. What took place at one point afterward was my ability to see my own freedom and opportunity for growth. I had been a parent since I was 23 and had never been in a position to take a risk just for me, now it was here. It was several years after, but I made the decision to move a great distance away and start a new life. I am not going to say there weren’t struggles, but when I look at it now, it was supposed to be that way for me to be here and at this awesome point in my life.

  2. Looking at it from the outside, sort of, I can see that Sue is doing a marvelous job of balancing the sadness of her babies moving out (two on the same day!) and the freedom she feels, knowing they’ll be just fine on their own.

    It helped last night to receive the most heartfelt and touching ‘thank you’ I think she’s ever gotten from her not-usually-emotive son.

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