Nomadic Travel: What Are We Really Doing?

You’ve heard that the Canfield family is going to travel and live a nomadic lifestyle. What does that mean? What are we really doing? Let me explain.

We are no longer renting a place to live. We’re packing our Kia Sedona minivan with our clothing, Joel’s musical instruments and equipment, important books and papers, Fiona’s books, toys and school books. The few important possessions we want to hold on to but don’t need on a daily basis are being stored by our close friends. They’ve also told us that anytime we’re back in the Sacramento area we have a place to stay with them.

We’re taking our packed van and we’re going to travel the U.S. and Canada for the next year or two.  We’d like to spend extended periods of time in one area or location before moving on to another location. That would allow us time to get to know an area and the people. To accommodate that we have plans to house sit for people who need someone to care for their house and even their pets while they’re away for an extended period of time – perhaps vacationing or traveling themselves. Our house sitting service provides the homeowner with peace  of mind and provides us a place to stay and work. So no, we do not charge a fee for this service.

How will we make money? The way we always do. We will continue to run our virtual businesses as we always have – creating and maintaining websites, running my virtual assistant business, coaching and training new and aspiring virtual assistants, writing books, helping people find their ‘why’.

Will this be a good thing for Fiona? We think so. Already she’s made new friends in British Columbia. And in October she’ll get to meet her great Uncle Denny and Grandma Mumsie who’s never seen her. She’ll learn about places, people, different cultures – not just from a book, but from real life experiences. We will continue to read the Bible with Fiona at bed time and teach her God’s values. She’s going to meet other members of our worldwide spiritual brotherhood and make new friends.

How long will we do this? Who knows. When we decide to stop, we’ll let you know.

I’m sure you have other questions. We’d love to answer them for you. So just post your question in the comment section and we’ll post our reply.


  1. Well, that depends on how you define ‘homeless’, Keith. As of the 1st of October, we don’t have a fixed place of residence, and in fact, we’re not living there now because we’re on a house-sitting gig. So in the respect of ‘not having a house to live in’, we’re homeless already.

    But if ‘homeless’ means unable to provide for ourselves financially, or trapped without the necessities of life, or begging on a freeway onramp, that’s not gonna happen. This ain’t nearly as risky as some folks seem to fear. We have a ginormous safety net composed of a worldwide network of friends and family who would be delighted to help out should anything arise we can’t handle on our own.

  2. The Bible?! I missed that one. Wonder what the Buddhas in her bedroom did to her aura? Or “The Thinker” in abstract over the bathtub – which was once part of Rodin’s larger work, “The Gates of Hell”?

    This house-sitting business has danger lurking everywhere! ;-)

    Meanwhile, if the income dries up for some unforeseen reason, it certainly does seem more sensible to have a network of people who like to have you sleeping in their houses, than to have an expensive liability to maintain. Not worried about you being “homeless”!

    And, speaking of income, unless technology has finally succumbed to prayer (mine – and the occasional threat) I’m suspecting that the resumption of titles on my website has me indebted to you and I will not be surprised to receive a bill.

  3. I love ‘The Thinker’ and enjoyed the inspiration whilst dozing in the tub. Yes indeedy, the dangers of art and philosophy; we’ve tried in vain to protect our Little One from such things . . .

    While I would love to send you a bill, the fix happened when someone (let’s assume it was you) updated WordPress and the theme you’re using, ’cause it weren’t me. Maybe next time. Though, if you’d like to send money anyway, I promise to put it to good use. (The new Irish pub downtown is the only place I’ve ever been which has Connemara Irish Whiskey. Remarkable.)

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