Montreal 3rd Leg: Albuquerque to Denver

Ah, I sure hope all our couch surfing experiences are like staying with Sonja last night. Sonja is an artist, a foodie, a teacher, and adventurer, and her kids are that rare blend of open childlike enthusiasm and well-mannered carefully cultivated maturity and kindness. It’s obvious where they get their people-skills from.

We talked about Sonja’s art and the business she’s building around it until nearly midnight. She already thinks differently about business; she’s a natural counterintuitive. I’d recommend paying attention to her, whether you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, but especially if you’re both. She’s going to be successful, because she’s got the talent both artistically and practically.

Fiona was so sad to leave in the morning. She’d made a great friend, building sofa-cushion forts in the living room, playing dress-up, doing art. She had a ball.

Interesting; two stops, two keyboards. Wonder if I’m going to continue traveling with a keyboard I only brought for noodling and practice?

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