Montreal 7th Leg: Rice Lake to Fremont (Part 2)

Our second-longest drive (after the Roseville-Phoenix jaunt) went well, overall. We kept hoping we’d arrive early, and it looked like we would until the left headlamp went black an hour from Fremont.

I assumed we’d just soldier on and fix it in the morning at Charlie’s, but Sue called Google-411 to see if there was an auto parts place open, and the AutoZone in Holland, Michigan answered on the first ring. They gave us excellent directions from where we were by the highway and when we got there, Royce Demaray III installed our $15 headlamp, no charge, as if that was just what you did. When’s the last time you got that kind of service from an auto parts store?

Made it to Charlie’s at 11:10 which ain’t bad for a 10-hour drive. Comfy bed in the basement (which is so much more than a basement, so we weren’t exactly living like moles.)

Charlie drove us around on Sunday. We went to his garden down the road and then through Camp Echo where he held this year’s Charlie Fest which I hope to attend next year. He gave me a tour of the not-yet-released newest version of Indie Band Manager which has some seriously cool features (I say this as both a web developer and a musician.)

Charlie’s going to be on tour during our return trip from Montreal so we won’t see him in November which makes us all sad. Last night before we went to bed, he sang two of Fiona’s favorites of his songs for her; a personal concert right there in the living room.

Another marvelous family making us feel right at home. I’m really starting to like this . . .

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