Bread Making Sunday

Today Cristina, Fred and their children are gone for most of the day. Leaving Joel, Fiona and I a day to ourselves here at the house. In addition to doing two loads of laundry, the ironing and putting a roast pork and vegetables in the oven to slow bake all day, I helped Fiona with several art projects.

We also made bread today. I made whole wheat baking powder drop biscuits this morning. Joel’s about ready to put the home made braid of bread in the oven. Yummm!!!


  1. I love baking bread. Bugs me to pay $3 a loaf for 40 cents worth of flour, and besides, you can never get store-bought bread when it’s hot from the oven.

    Bread machines all have an aluminum baking pan which gives me heartburn so I never wanted on, but using it just as a mixer/kneader was cool. Play with the dough a little and slap it on the baking stone and in the oven and yeehaw!

    Perhaps I’ll do this again tomorrow . . .

  2. We had a bread-maker at school for a while. One of our staff would load it up the night before, set the timer and we’d walk into a school alive with the aroma of baking bread. Problem was, the staff could eat the whole loaf before the kids got in the door – and often did – and one loaf wasn’t enough for all the kids to share even if we locked ourselves out of the kitchen.

    Ian is the bread-maker in our home. He hasn’t done it for a while. I had to beg him to slow down. We were eating a loaf a day – and I don’t care how organic and whole grained your ingredients, half a loaf (or more!) a day is just toooo much of a good thing.

  3. Where we stayed outside Sioux Falls, SD, Mimi made us six loaves of bread to take with us. The last little corner of a loaf got eaten as we approached Toronto.

    Six loaves is enough to share ;)

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