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Snow Day in St. Alphonse

Posted by on 31 October 2010

"Snow? In October? Nonsense!"—Cristina Favreau

Oh yeah?

7 Responses to Snow Day in St. Alphonse

  1. Shawn McCormick

    We got a little more than that here. Disgusting this early!

  2. Cristina Favreau

    Baby la-la

  3. Joel D Canfield

    That's the third most mature thing I've heard all day.

    I loved it, honestly. Enough to play with and enjoy, then by late afternoon it's gone.

    A little concerned about Wisconsin later in the month, though . . .

  4. Tom Bentley

    So THAT'S what that white stuff is—I thought someone was just a lousy-but-dedicated paper-doll scissorer, and that they'd lost their glasses. I guess I should stop whining about the tiny driplet of a storm that came through here a two days ago. Though it's supposed to be 75 degrees today. Not that I'm gloating, mind you.

    Joel, do your civic duty and take a snowman bowling.

  5. Joel D Canfield

    75 along the coast. Not bad; not bad at all. You'd better save up one of those days for our visit, whenever that is.

    I was gonna make a snowman, but I forgot the recipe. I'm just gonna make trouble instead.

  6. Jodi Kaplan

    The recipe for snowmen is easy.

    Two or three balls of snow (in decreasing sizes).
    Add one carrot (nose)
    Attach two buttons (eyes)

    Optional garnishes:

    sticks (hands/arms)

  7. Joel D Canfield

    I hope that list item is from your "Alternates: Snowwomen" recipe . . .

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