Scary Suspension Bridge Over Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon

Catching up on some more video from our Vancouver trip. Someone told us about this swinging scary bridge 150 above the floor of Lynn Canyon, so of course, we had to go see.

Fiona was very brave. I don’t know what Sue was, but she seemed to like it.

Here’s proof that I crossed it. Twice. Will I cross it again? Ever? Dunno.

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  1. Hey, I’ve been there! Both physically and emotionally.

    After much counselling and healing of the inner psyche – nothing to do with freaking out on suspension (and other types) bridges, chair lifts, and glass elevators – I find that none of those things is terrifying. Scary, sure. Just enough adrenaline to make me alert or even feel like fun, but not the “screaming through clenched teeth” adrenaline. Nice side benefit, eh?

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