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Sharing a Drink and Discussing Triiibes Members Books

Posted by on 12 November 2010

Last night we had a great evening visiting with Shawn and Debbie. Fiona had a blast playing the kid's version of Cranium with Keiran. She's also showing off her Miss Matched attire.

Joel got out his guitar and mandolin and played a couple of his songs and Phil Henry's "Dear Noreen".

Since Joel had an extra copy of fellow Triiibes member Phil Wrzesinski's book, Hiring and The Potter's Wheel, he gave a copy to Shawn. You can see the two of them having a 'serious' discussion of Phil's book and a not-so-serious discussion over Joel's book, The Commonsense Entrepreneur.

All of this over a glass of Flaming Sambucca!

It was a great evening! I wonder what we'll do tonight?

9 Responses to Sharing a Drink and Discussing Triiibes Members Books

  1. Frances Schagen

    Wish I had been there. I haven't tried flaming Sambuca, yet, but I have discussed books and entrepreneurship with Shawn, in person and Joel virtually.

    Looks like a great time and it looks like your wandering lifestyle is working out.

    If you ever make it to the Maritimes, I'd be happy to tip a glass with you here, too.

  2. caitlyn

    mmmm, flaming sambuca.

    mmmm, talking about books.

    mmmmmmmm, private live music.

    mmm, mis-matched socks & things with stripes.

    mmmmmmm, using your brain for fun.

    apples? okay.

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Frances, you are so so so on our list. We're hoping next year to stand at Cape Spear, since we've already stood at Bray Head, the westernmost point of Europe, and want to do the bookend.

    We also want to add PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland & Labrador to our check list. Heard so much about the unimaginable scenery and the wonderfully friendly people.

    Caitlyn, I promise, you'll get all of the above (sans apples, if you prefer) when we come back to BC.

  4. Tom Bentley

    Yeah, you guys get the flaming sambucca at Shawn's house, but you bring that exploding sailor's sock's beer mash to mine. Is there an inequity here? Waiter, get me a hot lawyer and a bribable judge, quick!

  5. Phil Wrzesinski

    A serious talk...? About my book...? Really...? I am so honored:) BTW I have more copies for you to pass out on your travels. You can pick them up on your way through town. See you tomorrow!

  6. caitlyn

    Apples are fine - just not in my sambuca! ;-D

  7. Shawn McCormick

    @Phil - we were planning to do a pic where we had your book upside down and we were both laughing at it but somehow got distracted by the flames...
    @Frances - more folks would have been [more-ed] fun [ner] (I just want to see Joel edit this) [done—ed]
    @Tom - I have flaming Sambucca waiting for you should you care to visit. And lots of wine. And beer. Heck there's even some whiskey and scotch left in the cupboard...
    Lastly, @Caitlyn - the concert was awesome. My wife has a new favourite song. We just need Joel to send us a decent recording of it...

  8. Joel D Canfield

    Recording. Yeah. Got it. Um, soon. Real soon.

    Thank you :)

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