Challenges: Internet Access, Rain, Illness

This trip to San Diego has been more challenging that I expected. First there was the major issue of coming to take mom in for knee surgery and helping her with follow up visits for physical therapy. Once we leave this Thursday, mom will depend on other family and friends to help her get to her appointments.

Then there’s the challenge of having internet access. We’re staying with a friend of my mom’s who does not have any internet access. That means we have to go out each day to find it. That usually means a Starbuck’s or Panera Bread. Today it meant coming to the local public library. Which is fairly quiet and the staff here is very friendly.

Going out for internet access is even more challenging this week due to the days of tremendous rain here in San Diego! It just keeps coming and coming. It’s no fun going out in the wet and dreary weather.

Yesterday on top of it all I had a bout of something with my stomach. It’s much better today though.

So all in all it’s been a challenging week. Yes, we are getting things done – work, helping mom, showing Fiona some places we’ve been when we lived here for so many years. I’m looking forward though to being settled in one place again for a bit that has reliable internet access.


  1. Joel, I went on a two day hunting trip last month and I didn’t have any service to my iPhone. That was difficult, not being able to check my email, etc. I can’t imagine actually staying in a residence with no internet access, especially for guys like us. May better days of internet access be ahead of you.

  2. Dude, Internet access is critical — carry your own :-)

    My wife and I couldn’t travel and work as we do without our MiFi wireless hotspot (via Verizon, but available through other carriers as well). Or pick an alternative device, a phone that supports tethering, or something.

    No looking for coffee shops or putting up with some crappy-but-free Wi-Fi from wherever — frustrating, wasteful, time-consuming. Life’s too short. Plus you can work while traveling: the non-driver(s) can be online and productive on the road. Win!

    Seriously. Check into it.

  3. Yeah, we’re committed to Virgin’s version of MiFi; just haven’t had time to make it happen since we’ve been on the move so much.

    First week of January we’ll be landing in Phoenix for a 6-week (or longer) stay. It’ll give us time to get some infrastructure in place, time we haven’t had during the 2 1/2 months of international driving from California to Montreal and back.

  4. Ed, your comment made me chuckle; I know guys in Texas who’d wonder why anyone would ever stop hunting long enough to waste time on that there intarweb thing . . .

  5. Wait, “infrastructure”? What infrastructure?

    And “time”? Really, it’s all of 1) purchase 2) unwrap 3) push power button.

    Buying/replacing/updating your electronics on the fly is also part of the mobile lifestyle :-)

  6. I gotta agree with Hassan here Joel! My phone is a hot spot, and as long as someone else is driving, I can work in the car. I would be half as productive without it, and I don’t do half as much on line as you guys do! I can’t imagine hunting for wifi anymore – especially while hunting!
    Also, I hope Sue is better and stays well. <3

  7. There is something dogged about finding free wi-fi that provides a sense of competence in an otherwise chaotic day. Chaotic in the sense of feeling successful and competent. Much of the Canfield work is not instantly gratifying – it takes time to produce, time to receive feedback (if ever), and humans are not wired to continue without some feeling that the project is worthwhile and that you are the best person to be doing the project. Enter the hunt for wi-fi.

    Whether the hunt is a known destination arrived at through monsoons, or a true hunt for elusive “game”, one can eventually triumph. Today. Measurably.

    I predict giving that up will unbalance the gently balanced apple cart. However, that kind of competent is too small. Find a bigger and regularly occurring sense of competence. Meanwhile, the technology is a basic for your work. Clients want timely access to you. Nevermind whether you can compose on the road and upload when you find the hot spot in the town – I’m willing to consider that possible, but barely – however, it is the need of the client that reliable, regular access serves.

    How’s that for an analysis?

  8. I am delighted to see a real conversation going on here.

    Caitlyn, you’ve earned one wry smile, and one hearty chuckle.

    Hassan, I have a hard time pulling the trigger on new technology with doing my homework, which has been part of the delay. I don’t see the point in having internet access from one carrier and phone service from another, so we need to be sure we’re not hosing our business.

    And, um, I been busy.

    (Hey, this is the first time we’ve even had an issue. I’m impressed.)

    Please, feel free to discuss . . .

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