A Song to Start the Trips

Every time we get in the car to drive, we have to pick out CDs to play. Listening to music while we drive is one of our favorite things to do as a family. Fiona even sings along quietly and sometimes requests specific songs or asks us to replay a particular song.

It’s become our tradition to start each new leg of our trip with “Mario Takes a Walk” by Jesse Cook. It’s a lively instrumental that gets us into the right frame of mind for the long haul.

What’s your favorite music CD to play in the car while driving?


  1. In my new car I really like things with huge bass because the speakers actually make the seat move. More than surround sound … in your very molecules sound!

    But there is something haunting and gorgeous about driving to Jami Sieber – cellist extraordinaire.

  2. Did I mention that one 1000 mile roadtrip (one way) was the Leonard Cohen, “The Future” trip? I played “The Future”, my co-pilot played a CD, I played “The Future” my co-pilot played a different CD, I played “The Future”….

    For ease of calculation, we will say the CD is about half an hour long. The trip takes about 21 hours of actually driving (one way.) This suggests that there were 42 playings of the CD – one way. I confess to easing up a bit on the way back. I should ask my son what kind of reaction he gets when he here’s one of the songs today. Lucky for him (I suspect) these are not songs that very often pop up accidentally.

  3. We never got Jami in the CD player on the drive back for some reason. Oh; that’s right; I only have MP3s. Must fix that.

    So, tell me about that album; was it the music, the time, your head? This is unusual behaviour, I think. Even I don’t listen to my favorites that long, and I’m pretty obsessive.

  4. More obsessive about some music than Joel? Can’t imagine.

    This was the first new CD I had acquired in some time. $$ being a significant barrier. This was a first road trip post-relationship ending which always makes me a little more prone to running in circles for a while. Seems to be healing.

    But the really big thing was it was new Leonard Cohen. There hadn’t been anything new for years (I think that’s true.) The music is as clever as ever but with more bounce. There is fun mixed with the melancholy. The themes are those of an older person and that sat well with my 30-something self. There is also the awe-inspiring profundity of Leonard’s lyrics as he welds the sensual and emotional and spiritual together.

    I can see a few sweeps through tomorrow. I have some errands maybe Leonard can find his way into the car with me.

    PS. If you haven’t heard Nancy White sing about Leonard Cohen not bringing in her groceries – you must!

  5. I know that story. How odd that money and relationships and music should be so entwined.

    My greatest music-collecting period was the last year I lived at home. I had a job, but no expenses, so every payday I’d go down to Tower Records in downtown San Diego and spend every nickel on Gordon Lightfoot albums.

    When my first marriage was in the final stages of disintegration, I used to lay on my bed with my boombox leaning against my forehead with Moby’s 18 playing as loud as it would go.

    I regret that I’ve heard very little Cohen. I’ll remedy that.

    Maybe someday you and yours, and me and mine could take a short road trip, listening to good stuff all the way.

  6. Let’s do that … with lots of fresh music bought with all the easily acquired money we have and maybe an upgraded sound system and relationships intact!

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