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Coffee Break at Tim Hortons

Posted by on 28 December 2010

While traveling back to Quebec, we came across Tim Hortons. These coffee shops were founded in Ontario Canada. There are now over 500 stores in the U.S. as well. They reminded me of Starbucks. The atmosphere at the few I entered seemed warm and friendly. I wonder if they'll reach the West Coast anytime soon?

9 Responses to Coffee Break at Tim Hortons

  1. Pam

    Hey guys . . . where is the link to Tim Horton's?

  2. Colleen Serra

    I love Tim Hortons! I stopped there in Toronto a few years back and was ecstatic to find one in Marietta, Ohio right off of I-77, and always take the time to stop during my frequent trips back and forth between Cleveland, OH and Elon, NC. I think their coffee is comparable to Dunkin Donuts.

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Pam, you can find their New York stores, or plan a Timmy's Trip with their official planner at

  4. caitlyn

    Ahem! Folks, the West Coast includes Canada and Timmy's is everywhere in Canada. It is not like Starbuck's here in the west. Starbuck's is a snooty, yuppie, US-moghul chain that most of us with university degrees prefer over Timmy's - although that is a generalization and full of exceptions to the rule.

    In the olden days we went to Tim Horton's for donuts. Then, they started making decent coffee and people who liked to sit for long periods of time nursing a coffee with their friends hung out at Timmy's. People smoked indoors back then.

    Now, going to Timmy's might include soup and a sandwich with a Boston Cream for dessert and coffee for people who aren't me.

    Tim-cards and Tim-bits are appropriate and appreciated additions to gift-giving and meetings.

    Timmy's is the "working man's" coffee. Working class coffee for people who take their kids to hockey practice and would rather have big TV's with sufficient channels than high end boots.

    I understand the mood of Timmy's is different depending on the Coast, or side of the country.

  5. Joel D Canfield

    Thank you for that clarification, Caitlyn. You've clearly spent some time studying the phenomenon.

    So, you actually have a west coast in Canadia? I thought it was only California that had a west coast.

    I'll mention to Sue that the west coast continues northward from here, although it may be confusing to have a west coast north of us.

  6. Sue L Canfield

    My apologies. I did specifically mean the West coast of the U.S. As world travelers I'll have to be more careful. I'll have to try one of Timmy's donuts next time we're in one.

  7. caitlyn

    We have a student at our school who seriously (at age 15!) thought that Canada was on top of the United States. That North meant we were sitting on an upper floor of the Universe.

    Your omission is pretty mild in comparison! ;-)

    Come on by and we'll get a box of Timbits.

  8. Joel D Canfield

    Jerry the Troublemaker always calls Canada "America's Attic"

    They've asked him not to come back.

  9. caitlyn


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