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Cupcake for Breakfast Before Hitting the Road Again

Posted by on 11 January 2011

Monday morning we met a fellow FAWMer at a Starbuck's in San Diego. Billy was kind enough to buy us coffee and get Fiona a hot chocolate and cupcake. She'd already eaten cereal for breakfast. So why not!?
Yes, a cupcake for breakfast

After visiting with Billy we stopped briefly at my mom's house to visit and see how she was doing after having knee surgery last month. She's doing quite well. We then stopped by a grocery store and stocked up on our usual food supplies for the road:

a loaf of sourdough bread
a loaf of french bread (Fiona isn't crazy about sourdough)
baby carrots, bell pepper, grape tomatoes, cucumber
a few treats: Gatorade for Joel and Fiona (I can't stand the stuff myself), corn chips, sour cream and onion potato chips and a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms

Fiona enjoys cupcakes
Monday we drove from San Diego to Mesa Arizona where we're staying once again with our good friends Terry & Virgie till the end of February.

There's that feeling of excitement again as we have a driving day. And though we'll enjoy today's drive, we're also looking forward to being settled for a few weeks. It will allow us time to concentrate on business. And of course Joel's looking forward to FAWM in February. Since we're staying with another musician, maybe his buddy will even join him this year as a FAWMer. (Hint, hint Terry)

Yummy cupcake

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  1. Joel D Canfield

    If you've ever wanted to try your hand at songwriting, February Album Writing Month is a great jump start. A fine community of supportive people, from beginners to pros, all willing to provide gentle feedback and pats on the back.

    I love being on the road. Love cupcakes for breakfast, too.

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